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  • Have your fingerprints taken, and send them in to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). Specific instructions to accomplish this will be presented to you on the first day of class. Upon receipt of your fingerprints, the DPS will conduct a background check, and upon the return of a clear background check, they will issue you a fingerprint clearance card. This card is required as a condition of licensure. A fingerprinting service will come to the school during the first week of class.
    NOTE: The DPS takes approximately six to eight weeks to return your fingerprint clearance card to you. If you want to get a "jump" on things, come into the office and pick up a fingerprint card and mailing envelope. Then get your fingerprints taken and send them into the DPS right away.
  • Take the 90-Hour pre-licensing course, and pass the school final exam.
  • Pass the State Real Estate Licensing Exam. Exam centers are located in Flagstaff, Las Vegas, and the Phoenix area.
  • Apply for your license; and pay the associated fees.
  • Activate your license with an Arizona brokerage.
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