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Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course Information
The cost of the 90-hour course is $600. This includes all required materials. Payment for course registration is accepted in person (personal check or credit card) or over the phone (credit card). We do not accept cash payments.
  • Payment by credit card: Visa and MasterCard are acceptable forms of credit card payment.
  • Payment by check: Personal checks are acceptable with valid ID.
Please call the school directly at 928-208-1442 to register.
Each 90-hour course session is presented over a period of about four weeks (give or take, depending on holidays). Also included in the course is a 6-hour contract writing class that is required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. (The contract writing course adds six hours to your seat time, for a total seat time of 96 hours or 16 class days.)
  • Clock Hours (Very Important): The Arizona Department of Real Estate requires that students serve 90 hours of classroom seat time. Students who have not fulfilled the 90-hour seat time minimum will not be permitted to take the final exam.
  • Missing Seat Time and Makeup Policy: Students who miss between five minutes and one hour of clocked class time will be required to make up ONE HOUR of class time (unless arrangements for a customized make-up plan were made at the time the student registered for the course). Students who miss more than one hour of instruction will be required to make up a half-day. Makeup hours (up to a one day) must be scheduled and taken according to the instructor's availability.
  • Excessive Missed Clock Hours:Students who miss more than SIX consecutive clock hours (one day) of class time must make up the time during a future offering of the course. Students who miss more than 18 (unexcused) clock hours of class will be required to drop from the class. Any future registrations for the 90-hour pre-licensing course will be considered new enrollments. No credit for clock hours served in a previous class will be granted. NOTE: This policy does not apply to clock hours missed because of illness when the student has notified the instructor of the illness within 8 hours of the missed clock hours.
Courses are presented at the Arizona Living School of Real Estate in the Keller Williams Training Center at 86 S. Smoketree Avenue #102, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403: Week day class sessions are Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, with a break for lunch (11:30am to 1:30pm) each class day.
  • Instructor Karen Bohler has been and ADRE-certified real estate instructor since 2001. Karen holds an active Arizona real estate Broker's License and a Law Degree. Read Karen's Bio.
The Course is presented using lecture-style instruction combined with textbook reading and homework assignments. This combination of lecture, textbook and daily quizzes is time tested and has proven to be the best method to pass the Arizona State Real Estate Exam.
The Course content is mandated by the statutory national Outline, and the statutory state-specific outline. The school has very little leeway with regard to the subject matter that is presented.

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